The bird, the cage and the chain.

It’s the same story all over again. And it kind of hurts.

Girl meets boy. The two of them has this instant connection words cannot describe. Both parts feel it, know it, but live in the constant denial. Because neither of them has the guts to make the slightest move. They live in their own worlds, rich in colours and hopes. Waiting and waiting and waiting. For something to happen. For the tiniest little thing to happen. In the meanwhile, dreams fill their bodies. Life paints their cheeks. There, can you see it? There is something behind their eyes, something hidden, something forbidden. What could it be? An instant passes and it is gone. It felt a lot like love. That glorious bird that lives in the deepest chamber of our hearts. So delicate, precious, we do not dare to set it free from its cage. Just in case it gets hurt. But guess what? That is the most foolish thing to do. You cannot enslave something which was born to be free.

The girl and the boy live in their own worlds. Miles apart from each other. Caught in the sweet fantasy of a bridge that would connect them. Poor things. One of their birds already has a chain. A chain made out of years and memories. The dust of an older love can be seen through the beams of light.

Can you see it? You cannot enslave something which was born to be free. Chains will poison its soft heart, and something so beautiful will turn into something dark. Why can’t you see it? Love is made out of freedom. Such a pure feeling will die unless you let the other bird, the girl’s bird, break the chain and open the door.

And only then, both birds will be finally free. Because their freedom combined, it is way stronger than alone. There, do you see the blue sky? The endless valley? Light like honey in the autumn evening? Two birds fly. Together, but never tied.

Beautiful, isn’t it?


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